We are an independent game studio founded in 2009.

Our small but highly skilled and passionate international team is dedicated to creating atmospheric, deep and enjoyable video games that are worth your time.

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Humanity emerges, hesitantly, into ruination. Almost nothing is left of the world as we knew it—settlements, forests, seas, mountains—all have been blasted into unfamiliarity. Horribly mutated animals hunt in packs through deformed woodland. Decrepit military robots stumble unknowingly through the ruins, sensors and logic centres blown. Alien soldiers, once impossibly powerful, cower in the wrecks of their ships, praying to heedless gods for rescue.

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Post-apocalyptic 4X strategy game built on Proxy's unique tactical combat system. Guide survivors through a turbulent future, navigating unexpected disasters, eldritch horror and cyberpunk monstrosities.

What will you do to survive?
Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War

The first turn-based 4X strategy game set in Warhammer 40,000.

Gladius Prime was once a planet of peace. Now there is only war.
Pandora: First Contact

Science fiction 4X turn-based strategy game on a planetary scale.

“God has finally shown us the path to a new paradise.”
Conquest: Divide and Conquer

Simultaneously executed turn-based combat game placed in a dark and distant future.

Divide and conquer your way to victory.


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For press inquiries, to request keys or additional assets please contact press@proxy-studios.com.


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